Total Eclipse Workshop in Mazatlán, April 4-8, 2024 (COMPLETED)

Total Eclipse Workshop in Mazatlán, April 4-8, 2024 (COMPLETED)

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This workshop has been completed. We will be posting information about future eclipse workshops in mid-2025. If you would like to be notified at that time, send us an email.

Experiencing a total eclipse

Witnessing a total solar eclipse is awe-inspiring: once you’ve experienced one, you’ll understand why ancient civilizations obsessed over these rare celestial events. You’ll also discover why eclipse aficionados travel the earth to be in the zone of totality as often as possible. In that spirit, I hope you will consider joining me for a unique photographic adventure directly on the centerline of the 2024 total solar eclipse as it passes over the spectacular Sea of Cortez in the beautiful coastal Mexican city of Mazatlán. The eclipse will be in totality for four minutes and twenty seconds — nearly twice as long as the 2017 total eclipse in the Pacific Northwest.

I am so excited to lead another group of photographers on an eclipse workshop. I’ll never forget the feeling during out last eclipse adventure in Oregon, when the sun disappeared fully behind the moon and we removed our protective glasses. The sun and moon merged to a black disk with a ring of diamond-like light emanating from the edge. You could stare straight into that strange ring with your naked eye.

After the eclipse was over, there was a bond be­tween us all having been there together. I cannot stress forcefully enough what a special experience it is to spend time in an eclipse’s zone of totality. And, because we had practiced our technique and set up our gear long in advance we were able to enjoy and photograph this special event together with ease.

Our location

Why Mazatlán? This historic seaport on the Sea of Cortez is a bustling tourist destination with over 20 kilometers of sandy beach and resort hotels stretching north from the old city center. Where the sand meets our destination in the old city the coastline turns rocky and photographically interesting with rocky coves and interesting old architecture, including a lighthouse and beautiful clifftop gardens accessed by a funicular.

Yes, Mazatlán is in the state of Sinoloa, but many powerful people in the Mexican government rely on the steady stream of income provided by Mazatlán’s popularity as a tourist destination, its cruise ship hub and a thriving expat American and European real estate market. The U.S. State Department makes an exception for its Sinoloa travel advisory for air and boat travel within the historic and coastal golden zone of Mazatlán.

We will have no need to leave this zone during our workshop. Having traveled there this spring to scout in preparation for this workshop, I felt so safe in the area we are traveling that I intend to bring my children along to experience the eclipse as well. If you have any other questions or concerns about travel to Mexico, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Workshop details

Mazatlán is a popular tourist destination for good reason. Our location in the historic old city gives us easy walking access to Mazatlán’s Faro (lighthouse), 19th century cathedral, colorful buildings and abundant, diverse restaurants. We’ll photograph and enjoy the culture and spectacular coastline all within easy striking distance of our beachside hotel with it’s fun rooftop bar and pool.

Each day we’ll practice photographing the eclipse and get our gear, settings, filtration and location dialed in to perfection. And, on the final day of the workshop (April 8), we will assemble hours in advance to capture and enjoy this moving event together.

This five-day workshop is limited to 10 participants, and is priced at $3,995, which includes five nights of lodging (with breakfasts included) and photographic instruction. I’ll be assisted by Rick LePage, my workshop coordinator and fellow photographer.

Payment Terms

A deposit of $1,000 is required to hold your spot in the workshop; the remainder of the balance is required 90 days before the workshop.

Workshop payments are fully refundable less a 10% fee up to 90 days prior to the first day of the workshop. If you cancel anywhere from 89 to 60 days prior to the workshop, we will make every effort to find a replacement. If we can fill your spot, 90% of the workshop fee will be refunded; if we cannot find a replacement, we will refund 50% of the fee. Any cancellation within 60 days is non-refundable.