2021 Sensor Cleaning and Equipment Maintenance Course

2021 Sensor Cleaning and Equipment Maintenance Course

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There's been a lot of change both in the photo industry and in the gear we all carry, so I'm updating my sensor cleaning and equipment maintenance course for 2021 to include dry and wet cleaning mirrorless as well as DSLR sensors, lenses, filters, camera bodies and support equipment. In this series of videos I'll help you keep your gear free of sensor dust, dirty glass or malfunctioning tripod legs. Part of the key to getting better photos is keeping your gear in top shape and ready to go to work with you.

There are four videos in this series:

  • Intro / Promo  (1:26): 
    • An Overview of the course
  • Cleaning Your Optics (9:37): 
    • Cleaning lenses, filters, and your camera's viewfinder and screen + what supplies you need
  • Cleaning Your Sensor  (12:35):
    • Tools for the studio and field to keep your sensor clean, plus dry and wet cleaning both DSLR and mirrorless sensors
  • Maintaining Your Tripod (9:56):
    • Use and care for your tripod in saltwater, rinsing, cleaning, tightening and greasing it plus what supplies you need.

A set of links to the tools I use in these videos is also included