Leica Q3-Firmware 2.0.3 User Profiles-V3 (.lcs file)

Leica Q3-Firmware 2.0.3 User Profiles-V3 (.lcs file)

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New Update March 7th, 2024: Firmware 2.0.1 introduced two problematic issues with User Profiles stored previously. Firmware 2.0.3 solves one of the two issues. See below for the other's solution and installation instructions 

Firmware 2.0.3 Function 2 button bug fix: There remains a bug in this firmware that overrides any previous profile setting for the Function 2 button (by the thumb rest). After the firmware update it ignores button settings and switches between Video and Stills mode no matter the profile's setting. To fix this, after installing these profiles, you must 1) enter each profile, 2) long press Function 2 and select AF-L from the list, 3) go to Menu Page 4->User Profile->Manage Profile (at the bottom)->Save Profile and overwrite the current profile. You must do this for each of the 6 user profiles. This solves the firmware bug issue permanently, even if later reimporting Profiles.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download this small .lcs file. It should be named "settings.lcs"
  2. If your computer names the file "settings(1).lcs" or 2 or another number because of duplicates in the download folder, then you MUST edit the file name to read only "settings.lcs" or the camera will not read it.
  3. Copy it to the root of your SD memory card
  4. Insert the card in your camera and choose "Import Profiles" from the "User Profile - Manage Profiles" section of your Leica's menu.