Panoramas Made Simple eBook

Panoramas Made Simple eBook

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I've been creating ultra-high resolution panoramic mergers since the days of film and in this book I share my favorite techniques for creating simple panoramas quickly and easily without having to buy any special equipment. I'll even show you how to grab great panoramas with nothing more than your phone! 

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Table of Contents

Preface—My Passion for Panoramas

Chapter 1—An Introduction to Panoramic Photography

  • Go wide and with more detail

  • Simple panoramas defined

  • Not all panoramas are narrow slices

  • Equipment for simple panoramas

  • Advanced panoramas

Chapter 2—Thinking about light, focus and setup

  • Light and composition: the rules still apply

  • Watch out for parallax

  • Finding the infinity distance

  • Learning how to lock your camera settings

  • Why shouldn’t I use my phone’s automatic panorama mode?

  • Why is manual exposure so important?

Chapter 3—Capturing the Frames

  • Lens selection

  • Exposure metering

  • Use a tripod, where possible

  • The importance of being level

  • Orient your camera vertically

  • Focus using live view

  • Beware of polarizers or graduated filters

  • Marking your panoramas

  • Compose wide and use lots of overlap

  • Move quickly and carefully

Chapter 4—Assembling Your Panorama

  • My workflow at a glance

  • Building Panoramas with Lightroom Classic CC

  • Working with Photoshop CC to create panoramas

  • Building Panoramas in ON1 Photo Raw 2018

Chapter 5—Resources & Links

[Panoramas Made Simple requires no specialized equipment, although a tripod is recommended for challenging lighting conditions. For the generation of panoramas, Hudson demonstrates how to merge images with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop CC, or ON1 Photo RAW 2018, although you could use other available apps.]