TFC-1/4" Tripod Rock Feet For Featherweight 255 Tripod, Set of 3

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The TFC-14 1/4" Claw Feet are precision machined stainless steel feet with scalloped, sharp-edged claws. These feet are ideal to use on uneven, rocky terrain and streams to keep a good grip. A rubber washer on the top of each claw ensures safer support for your tripod legs. Each claw weighs only 1 oz for a total of 3 oz.
  • Excellent for Stable Work in rocky terrain or streams
  • 1/4"-20 Threaded Stud for Smaller Size Tripod Legs
  • Set of 3 Universal Solid Stainless Steel Rock Claws
  • Rustproof Stainless Steel, ideal for Saltwater
  • These Feet Fit the 255CEX and Featherweight Custom Tripod Builds Sold Separately in this Store
  • These Feet DO NOT fit the 284CEX, 324CL, Ultralight or Tall Light Fluid Head Custom Builds Sold Separately in this Store.