Kase KW Revolution 82mm Magnetic CPL Polarizing Filter & Adapter

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Kase's ultra-light, extremely thin Revolution magnetic filters feature the same shockproof, tempered, durable and easy to clean optical glass as the renowned Wolverine series with the addition of color coding on the outer rings for easy identification, stronger magnetism and a single filter thread to catch a traditional lens cap. This extremely durable, tempered optical glass Circular Polarizing filter boosts contrast & color while also allowing you to control reflections. Revolution filters have no color cast and the magnetic system allows photographers to quickly swap and stack up to 4 Revolution filters with ease. Each filter is extremely thin and light. 

  • CPL Polarizing Filter / Silver Band on Filter Ring
  • Includes 82mm Conventional Screw Thread System Adapter
  • Shockproof Tempered Optical Glass. Extremely Durable and Easy to Clean. No Color Cast
  • Single Filter Thread to Catch a Traditional Lens Cap
  • Swap Filters Super Fast. Up to 4 Kase Revolution Filters can be Stacked
  • Kase Revolution 82mm filters can be used atop Wolverine 82mm magnetic adapters or filters, however Wolverine 82mm filters DO NOT fit atop 82mm Revolution magnetic adapters or filters
  • Extremely Thin & Lightweight. Weighs Around 1oz