(Deposit) 5-Day Death Valley National Park Feb. 23rd-27th, 2018

(Deposit) 5-Day Death Valley National Park Feb. 23rd-27th, 2018

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Death Valley is a landscape photographer’s dream location. In this small 10-person workshop you’ll explore and photograph our largest national park outside of Alaska while learning to expand your creative vision and better use your camera equipment. Death Valley’s 3.3 million acres are filled with mountain sized sand dunes, colorful canyons, volcanic craters, otherworldly badlands, ghost mines, sub-sea-level salt flats and peaks over 11,000 feet.

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Our classroom will be at the Stovepipe Wells motel near Mesquite Sand Dunes in the heart of Death Valley. There we’ll hone our photography knowledge and review, discuss and critique images. Stovepipe Wells is two and half hours from Las Vegas and rooms are reserved there for the class.

Outside of class time time, we’ll take a 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter van to dawn, sunset and night shoots at locations including Mosaic Canyon, Badwater, Mesquite Dunes, Zabrinski Point, Dante’s View and Artist’s Palette among others. I’ll demonstrate basic photography principles alongside advanced techniques like panoramic mergers, focus-blending, star-photography, light-painting, and time-lapse photography. We’ll also make time for some hiking and exploration. Of course you are always free to follow your own creative vision if you find yourself drawn in a different direction from the rest of the group.


Planned Course schedule:

Friday February 23rd (NINE AM START TIME)

Meet n' greet,

Course “Death Valley as a Location & Light and Weather Forecast”

Course "Approaching the Scene: Scouting, Composition and Light”


Student portfolio reviews/critique

Scouting & sunset shoot in Mosaic Canyon


Saturday Day 2:

Sunrise at Mesquite Dunes

Course “The Exposure: Camera Settings, Gear and Technique”

Course “RAW Processing Your Images”


Student day one image reviews

Scouting & sunset shoot at Badwater and Devils Golf Course


Sunday Day 3:

Sunrise Zabrinski Point

Course "Advanced Capture: Low Light & Focus Blending”

Course "Finish Editing”


Student day two image reviews

Scouting & sunset shoot at Golden Canyon and Natural Bridge Canyon


Monday Day 4:

Sunrise TBD Class choice location

Course "Advanced Capture: Panoramic Mergers & HDR”

Course “Advanced Course: Time-lapse Video with your Still Cameras”


Student day three image reviews

Scouting & sunset shoot at Ubehebe Crater and Dante’s View


Tuesday Day 5:

Sunrise TBD class choice location

Course “Developing Your Own Creative Vision”

Course “Traveling with Gear and Data”


Student day four image reviews

Scouting & sunset shoot at Artist Palette