Complete Custom Build: Featherweight Travel Tripod (255 CEX legs)

Complete Custom Build: Featherweight Travel Tripod (255 CEX legs)

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 I've encountered so many tiny travel tripods that are just terrible to use that I decided to create a better one. Here is one that I am proud to carry and use myself. It weighs in at just 3.3 pounds complete!

This is a fully customized Leofoto carbon fiber, 5-section tripod with a built-in leveling adapter and Acratech's GXP-SS head with all the accessories you need sent pre-assembled, and ready to use. This is the exact rock-solid, featherweight travel setup I carry and use myself. I'm excited to share it with you greased, cork-wrapped, assembled and ready to use.

The photos show my own tripod which I've been carrying around the world for the past 6 months. The tripod and accessories you receive will be pre-assembled by hand from brand new parts. Each tripod will be built to order and may take up to two weeks to complete. This video explains my process and what you'll get. 

Also included in this bundle is my 2021 Gear Maintenance Course ($15 value).  Please add the course to your cart (will be $0 at checkout) 

This custom build comes with: 
Leofoto LS-255CEX legs with built in leveling adapter & set screws for head
Acratech's ultra-light GXP-SS head with gimbal and panorama modes
Leofoto stone bag 
Leofoto tool kit
Leofoto tripod bag
Custom cork leg wraps with silicone tape finish with stone bag attachment points.
About the LS- 255CEX Tripod legs: 
Max. height: 1406mm (55.4")
Folded length: 450mm (17.7")
Carbon leg sections: 5
Max load: 6kg (13.2 lbs)
Tilt range: -15°/+15°