Approaching The Scene - Milky Way and Stars Course

Approaching The Scene - Milky Way and Stars Course

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This course is for anyone who strives to capture sharp, clean, printable images of the night sky. Over the course of 14 videos, I'll cover field topics like determining the optimal ISO for your camera, calculating night exposures, selecting lenses for night work, separately capturing foregrounds and skies, setting up a star tracker, capturing for star stacking and avoiding condensation. In the editing sections, I’ll cover focus stacking, noise reduction, raw processing and compositing in both Photoshop and ON1 Photo RAW.

  • 14 Lessons 
  • Over 4 hours of content

  • RAW files to follow along with every edit

  • Course outline PDF and cheatsheets for Star Stacking and Star Tracking

  • Gear lists

  • Direct download for viewing anywhere



    Lesson 1. Course Introduction

    Lesson 2. My History Of Night Photography

    Lesson 3: Gear For Night Photography (Free Download

    Lesson 4. ISO Quality Discussion

    Lesson 5. Capturing The Image

    Lesson 6. Capturing The Image- Blue Hour Foreground

    Lesson 7. Capturing The Image- Star Capture Setup

    Lesson 8.  Capturing The Image- Star Stacking

    Lesson 9.  Capturing The Image- Move Shoot Move Star Tracker

    Lesson 10. Editing- Intro

    Lesson 11. Editing- The Foreground

    Lesson 12: Editing - The Sky (Tracker and Stacking) 

    Lesson 13. Compositing- Adobe Photoshop

    Lesson 14. Compositing- On1 Photo Raw