Approaching The Scene Projects: Long Exposure (Sold Out)

Approaching The Scene Projects: Long Exposure (Sold Out)

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The first 10 spots for this Project are sold out! Thank you!   

This project is a 10-day virtually-guided course in which you'll have instruction from Hudson, Rick LePage and a small group (10 or less) of fellow photographers to chat with, learn techniques from and share in your creative adventure. Initially everyone will tackle an initial weekend exercise before embarking on a weeklong final assignment. 

The time commitment can be low three 90-minute and one 30-minute video meetings throughout the project. Beyond that you're free to work at your own pace, check in and ask Rick and Hudson questions or collaborate with the group via WhatsApp for the entire project and beyond. How much time you devote outside of the meetings is entirely up to you.



What's Included 

• Live group lectures on recognizing long exposure opportunities, tips, techniques, gear, filters, settings capture and post production

• Review of each participant's favorite 3 images from prior to the project (any kind of images).

• Each participant will also receive a (up to) 11"x14" print of your favorite image of from the project printed by Hudson and Rick LePage. 

• 3 Q&A / Lecture Sessions via Zoom (90 minutes each) in addition to a 30 minute introduction zoom meeting.

• My new about to be released long exposure photography video course 

• Group chat with via WhatsApp for the entire project period and beyond. This is largely for peer-peer conversations about photography, gear and techniques. Hudson and Rick will check in periodically. 

• Dedicated Project Image Gallery, Review and Critique 

• Gear recommendations and more  



A majority of this project will take place over 2 weekends in February 2021. 

FEB 4th - DAY 1 (Thursday)

Quick afternoon/evening introduction Zoom meeting: Welcome, meet and greet, project expectations. (30 minutes)


FEB 5th - DAY 2

Self-directed: Open

Group: Intro Lecture via Zoom: Long exposure theory, gear and technique. Exercise Q&A, Group image review (90min in late afternoon/evening)

Topics: Types of long exposure, gear and technique


FEB 6th - DAY 3

Self-directed: Long exposure exercise


FEB 7th - DAY 4

Self-directed: Long exposure exercise

Submit images at least 1 hour prior to meeting

Group: Zoom meeting: Editing long exposure images lecture, exercise images review, and Q&A (90min in afternoon/evening).

Topics: Editing and evaluating long exposure images


FEB 8-11- DAYS 5-8

Self-directed assignment: Shoot, edit, check in, and chat


FEB 12th - DAY 9

Self-directed assignment: Edit, chat Submit Final Images to Gallery


FEB 13th - DAY 10

Self-directed: Gallery Review

Group: Zoom meeting: Final Image review and Q&A (90min in afternoon/evening)


Cancellations and Refunds: 

10 or more days from start.  Full refund less 15% fee 

Under 10 days from start. Fully refund less 15% fee, provided we can fill the vacant spot. If your spot cannot be filled you will receive a 50% refund.