Finding The No-Parallax Point aka Nodal Point - Video (12:24)

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This video is a sample from from my Advanced Panorama Course, and covers the setup of your camera, tripod and bracket to achieve a perfect panorama.  Below is a preview of the entire course and rundown of each episode.  



Lesson 1. Course Introduction

Lesson 2. Why Panoramas?

Lesson 3. When to Capture Panoramas

Lesson 4. Simple vs. Advanced Panoramas

Lesson 5. Simple Handheld Panoramas

Lesson 6. Using Tripods for Simple Panoramas

Lesson 7. Finding the No-Parallax Point ( aka the Nodal Point.)

Lesson 8. Advanced Panorama Capture

Lesson 9. Checking Panoramic Histograms & HDR Pano Capture

Lesson 10. Marking & Protecting Panoramas

Lesson 11. Merging the Panorama

Lesson 12. HDR Panoramas

Lesson 13. Raw Processing Panoramas

Lesson 14. Start-to-Finish Edit