Kase K100/K9 Pro ND, CPL & Night Filter Kit

Kase K100/K9 Pro ND, CPL & Night Filter Kit

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Kit includes:

  • K9 holder, 100mm ultra-thin UV, 3, 6,  and 10-stop neutral density filters (ND8, ND64 & ND1000), 90mm magnetic round Circular Polarizer (CPL) and Neutral Night filters, a magnetic lens cap, case adapters, and straps.

  • Features 100mm x 100mm square filters that are only 1.1mm thick shock-proof, optical glass.  That's 45% thinner than standard 2mm glass filters which reduces potential vignetting

  • These thin filters are 43% lighter than traditional 2mm filters. Each weighs less than 39g (1.4oz) 

  • Wolverine series KW toughened optical glass is nearly unbreakable. Approximately two times stronger than standard glass filters

  • IR-CUT infrared blocking, scratch resistant, waterproof and easy to clean

  • Compact ballistic nylon case with interchangeable shoulder strap and tripod hook strap protect and carry all elements of kit with belt carry option

  • K9 holder comes ready for one round magnetic filter (with external rotating wheel) and dual 100mm filter mounts. Triple 100mm filter adapters are included.

  • K9 rotating mounts for 77 and 82mm lens threads included alongside 67 and 72 to 82mm step up lens adapters.