Core Portrait Presets (Lightroom or ON1 Photo Raw)

Core Portrait Presets (Lightroom or ON1 Photo Raw)

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Whether on an adventure or hanging out with friends, I love to photograph people. Successful portraits tell a story about the subject and I love the challenge of finding that story in the capture. Sometimes it's a look, other times it's the backdrop, the environment but how the image is processed is also key. Each and every portrait I care about is carefully edited using one of these core presets as a starting point.

CHOOSE YOUR PLATFORM (Lightroom or ON1 Photo Raw) and in 5 minutes you can be adding a more professional look to your portraits.

Included with each set of presets is a short instructional video I've created to help you integrate these presets into your workflow with ease.


Included Presets:

Bright Sky and Shade


Classic Rogue (sample)

Cloudy Day

Cool It

Future Proof

Hi Contrast Classic

Hi Contrast Warm

Soft Light (sample)

Urban Evening