Core Landscape Presets (Sample Pack)

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Looking for the full set of 10 Core Landscape Presets?

Each landscape photo I create is carefully edited in Lightroom, Photo RAW or both using one of my core landscape presets as a starting point. I'm constantly updating and improving these presets. Having just finished a 2017 update, I thought I would share two favorites for free.

Deep Shade & Sky: is perfect for those images where the deep shadows are underexposed to protect late evening or early morning skies.

Predawn Gold: This is the preset I reach for to pop those predawn or post sunset cloud color extravaganzas while lightly boosting shadow detail and protecting highlights. 

Choose your platform (Lightroom or ON1) and in 5 minutes you can be adding a more professional look to your landscapes.

Included with each set of presets are installation instructions as well as a short instructional video I've created to help you integrate these presets into your workflow with ease.