Sensor Cleaning Short Course

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Have you ever come back from a photoshoot only to find annoying sensor dust spots on every image you captured? You are not alone. Every time we switch lenses we’re risking getting dust on our sensors. Mirrorless cameras are even more susceptible than dSLRs.

In this three-part video series I’ll show you how to best prevent getting dust in your sensor, how to get rid of the dust that does get there, and how to deal with dust in post production editing

Part 1 (11:01): Fixing Sensor Dust in Postproduction Editing with Adobe Lightroom and On1 Layers 

Part 2 (14:00): Dry Sensor Cleaning and Testing

Part 3 (13:20): Wet Sensor Cleaning

A set of links to the tools I use in these videos is also included


**This was originally produced for the On1 Plus photo community where Hudson coaches.